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Major E-Commerce Trends That Are Dominating 2021

Sales and trade are quite an important factor in these times and the growth of the trades continue to grow at a speedy rate despite global insecurity. E-retail sales account for 14.1% of the sales worldwide and are projected to reach 23% around 2023. Moreover, it is expected that 95% of all purchases will be… Read More »

3 Steps to Create a Project Contract

Every application, programming, and even a basic job starts with an idea. However, there are several steps between the inception and starting the development of that idea. Most important among the proceedings to fulfill a project is the project contract establishment. However, a process exists between the first meeting with the client and the signing… Read More »

What are the Most Demanding Back-End Programming Languages for 2021?

Evolution is a slow and ongoing event for biological species, however, for technological advancement, the speed is much faster. In today’s digitally advanced world, technology is changing at a rapid pace, and a previous technology is surpassing the other with particular updates and achievements.  Due to this unpredictable development of the technology world, one facet… Read More »

Take a Look at the New Features of PHP 8

PHP is a well-known server-side scripting language that empowers web developers and designers to create powerful and dynamic websites with ease. PHP is a tool that allows these websites to interact and exchange information with databases stored all over the internet. PHP is a must-learn skill for all web design firms, and is best used… Read More »

How To Update The PHP Version Of Your WordPress Site

PHP is a powerful scripting language that sees primary applications in the industry of web development and applications design. Did you know that more than three quarters of the core WordPress software was actually written in PHP? If you have a business site or blog that is powered by WordPress, you should subject it to… Read More »