Major E-Commerce Trends That Are Dominating 2021

By | March 22, 2021
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Sales and trade are quite an important factor in these times and the growth of the trades continue to grow at a speedy rate despite global insecurity. E-retail sales account for 14.1% of the sales worldwide and are projected to reach 23% around 2023. Moreover, it is expected that 95% of all purchases will be done by e-commerce.

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The retailers will need to assimilate and apply the different facets of the trends ongoing in the marketing sector, which will help in improving their businesses. Let us first know about the important e-commerce trends that are governing the e-market situation.

Some important statistics

The advent of online shopping through different channels opened a new horizon for online users. The reach and availability of different products were a normal occurrence, moreover, the constant access to the online shops also drove up the sales. Let us discuss some of the statistics that highlight the importance of online shopping methods:

  • Specialists guess that e-commerce sales will extend up to $4.13 trillion in 2040.
  • There are over 2 billion online shoppers in the world.
  • Online consumers shop mostly via mobile devices than on PC.
  • The most important factor for consumers when choosing a retailer is free shipping.
  • 68.8% of consumers leave their shopping in between the shopping.
  • The majority of online shoppers pay for their purchases with credit cards.

The inherent circumstances

The e-commerce institutions are struggling to be functional in the competitive market with the utmost efficiency. However, the customer remains king, and the primary factor remains the fulfillment of their requirement resulting in optimum customer experience. Employing the best techniques that rely on the current trends of the e-commerce market will be the standard step to take. However, the choice of the trends should be proper and should not be short-lived. Let us know about some of the major trends dominating the e-commerce scene:

Dependence on mobile devices

Nowadays, most online shoppers are busy on their mobile devices like tablets and smartphones and buy their needs from mobile devices. The brands are also focusing on these segments. For companies looking to be in the first position, pay-per-click campaigns through mobile devices are a major investment. This trend is now being utilized by the major companies, which is evident from the increasing mobile transactions. Holiday seasons are also a great time to capture more customers, as people like to relax with their mobile devices.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

A progressive web app is a site that holds the surface of a mobile app. online businesses always try to find different ways to increase their sales and improve their customer experience in their customer stores. A PWA can serve both purposes. This trend is gradually gaining popularity in the online marketing sector, and businesses can utilize the benefits from the PWAs to ensure a perfect mobile experience.

Voice Search

Voice-enabled search has been a revolution in the marketing sector. With the advent of modern devices running with voice commands, ordering things have become easier. The situation is aptly surmised by the words of Albert Criexell, “Utterances are the new hashtags”. A recent change in the Google guidelines has made it mandatory for all e-commerce stores to include text content; which means that online shopping sites will have to optimize their content for voice search. From finding the best restaurant, nearby clubs, hospitals, to finding the song that best suits our mood, voice-enabled searching has allowed the inclusion of a larger group of audience. Consequently, utilizing the popularity of this trend will be a great addition to any company’s business plans.

Augmented reality (AR)/ Virtual reality (VR)

Augmented reality and virtual reality have transcended the science fiction pages and have become a usual event for many industries. The e-commerce facet is not an exception. These technologies may be utilized to provide a real-time view of the products. It is a common complaint of the consumers that the product featured doesn’t match with the actual ones. With the help of AR/VR, online shoppers can see the product in real-time and make informed decisions. The customers can enjoy the in-store experience and get greater details on their options. According to the experts, this trend is here to stay for e-commerce.

User experience

It is a common notion that customers are the key in any business, and online e-commerce shops are no exception. As online shoppers are the base of any brand’s target audience, personalized web content and interactive interfaces are the required trends. The companies are now becoming more inclined to increase the user experiences by the following methods;

  • Satisfying the customer with extraordinary service.
  • Quick and operational distribution methods
  • Economical prices
  • Easy navigation on the websites.
  • Easy checkout without any problems.

Using content generated by the user will increase the customer interest and ensure the continuous return of them to the website.

Omni-channel selling

Online businesses can now avail the benefits of multiple platforms. Customers also have multiple options when it comes to buying a particular product. As an example, if you are looking to buy shoes for yourself, you can find and compare according to the brands, price, color, and many different factors in several online shopping channels, namely, eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, and many others. So, for the e-commerce industry, this practice of picking multiple channels for sales, or Omni-channel selling, is quickly becoming an essential trend. Quite naturally, an ecommerce mobile app developer will serve as the best resource for businesses.

In conclusion

Online shopping has created a section of shoppers with significant inclination and comfort towards purchasing online. However, chiefly due to the huge number of online shops (20 million) on the internet, the customers do not spend too much time on one site, unless it provides exceptional pricing, optimized user experience, and favorable services after the sale is completed. To ensure that your website falls within these categories, it is better to be informed about the recent and ongoing trends in the e-commerce sector. Designing the platform or going about Custom ecommerce website development within these parameters will have the best probability to succeed.