The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an App Developer

By | February 8, 2021

The use and application of software built on a mobile platform are becoming widespread. It is evident from over 3.2 billion smartphone users in the world. The numbers are constantly increasing, and there is no immediate sign of any reduction. With the implementation of different applications for every type of consumer needs, the need to have an app has become a premium requirement.

The use of apps

It is now a very common scene in the surroundings; people being glued to their mobile screens. Well, what are they doing? It has been observed that 88% of the time people spend on mobiles are utilized in handing one or more apps.  So, to make your business exploit this huge number of customers, you will have to have a functional and responsive app for your business. The related statistics will give you an overview of the situation;

So, you can well discern the utility of creating an app for your business. However, just creating an app out of the blue will not serve the purpose, two major points have to be remembered:

  • The customers should be compelled to download the app
  • The users should easily use that app.

Both of these points are extremely important and valuable, as having the best app on the planet will not work if it is not downloaded or used by the customers. Ultimately, that’s why you are investing in such troubles, to make money, right?

Selecting the correct developer

So, you are all set to create your app. Do you know how to? If yes, good for you. However, when the answer is something else, you will need the help of professionals in this field. According to a renowned statistic platform, a 99.33% penetration rate was observed in consumers for business apps. Therefore, you will need to hire an app developer that goes well with your concern, as bringing the idea into life is truly a daunting task and will need the efforts of the best developers in the market. 

There are more than thousands of such companies available on the internet, and it is also a much-searched topic on the internet. Related to that, no company in this sector can serve every purpose. In reality, the fit of the concern for that particular job is always a probability. However, certain points can be attended by the person-in-charge to make the job somewhat easier. 

The processes in concise

To choose the correct company or person for app development, many people rely on their reputation. While this can work as an initial filter, the ultimate focus should be on the program that will make your app. Even for the best companies, your app will be handled by a selected few and if you do not feel it to be right, chances are you will end up feeling dissatisfied. The situation is aptly surmised by the words of Bill gates, where he says that “measuring the programming progress by lines of code is somewhat like measuring aircraft building progress by weight”. In-depth details, other than the company’s reputation, are needed to be considered. Here are some probable pointers:

  1. Looking for the developers

To look for the developers, your lookout should be on a global scale. With the availability of the internet almost everywhere, distance is not a problem anymore. There are multiple platforms in cyberspace, namely, LinkedIn, Clutch. co,,, and many others where you can look for developers. Almost all of these sites list the choices according to the demographics, number of workers, pricing, and number of views. There are options for checking out reviews and ratings too. 

  1. Going the company or freelancer way?

Mostly, the answer to this question will depend upon the budget. Let us know about the outcomes of these choices nonetheless. 

For freelancers, one can expect the following events:

  • Low budget.
  • Probable issues in delivery.
  • Less professionalism and structural approach.
  • Issues with quality, confidentiality, and regularity.

For companies, you can be sure about the professional approach, ascertained delivery, access to the latest developments, and established confidentiality protocols. For a serious business decision like your app, it is better to go for an established app development company.

  1. The budget

Like all other developments, an app also needs a budget to be available. However, the golden rule is to go for the best, not the cheapest. Usually, the cheapest option is often costlier in the long run, as said by Christopher Thompson, “At times, it is better to stay in bed on Monday, rather than debugging Monday’s code for the rest of the week”. You should target the best product, not the most cost-effective. In the case of budget constraints, changes in the app development approach will be beneficial, rather than losing a good developer team. Planning and budgeting ahead will usually be effective in keeping with the costs. 

  1. Going for full service

A mobile app development company should provide end-to-end and full-scale services, performed by specialists in their employ. It is better to choose a company that can advise on the proper direction and approach. However, you will have to provide them with the following data for creating a business profile:

  • The target’s demographic.
  • The business goal, specialization, and values.
  • Business location.
  • Project development team.
  • The stage of the project.
  • The USP.

An experienced company will touch upon these topics in the discussion or during the development phase.

Developing a comprehensive productThe continued usage of the smartphone (in fact, statistics say that 10% of average people check their phone every 4 minutes), have made for a great collection of prospective buyers along with an arrangement for extensive reach to the customers. So, to properly utilize this digital instrument and generate substantial revenue from your business, the finally developed product will have to be responsive, functional, and freely available on all digital platforms.

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