What Makes Python the Best Language for your Upcoming Project In 2021?

By | January 11, 2021

Backend development is one of the most vital tasks that has to be carried out while coming up with mobile apps and websites. Proper backend development will secure the product and keep it functioning smoothly. Most programmers and developers will say that they swear by Python for all of their backend development tasks. According to the Tiobe Index, Python is the number one programming language in the world, doing better than close competitors such as C++, C, Groovy and R.

History of the Python Language

The Python language is the brainchild of Dutch engineer and academic Guido van Rossum in the 1980s. It was inspired by the SETL language, which is a high-level programming language that makes use of set theory. It has been popular ever since its release in 1989 and currently has more than 8 million developers all over the world. It is a general purpose object-oriented language that can be used for a wide variety of tasks.

Applicability of Python in Mobile Applications

In the world of mobile apps, Python can be used for a slew of important backend development tasks. One such important task is the development of the Application Programming Interface or the API, which is an intermediary that allows different apps to communicate and collaborate with one another. In the app development industry, Python is one of the most important tools. It allows developers to do much more while expending a lot less effort.

Benefits of Choosing Python for App Development

Python is a general purpose programming language that has a wide range of applicability. It is a really good product that can be used for all kinds of projects, such as app or web development. Using the Python framework for your latest app development project will give you access to the following benefits.

1. Open Source and Community Development: The biggest reason behind the popularity of this language is its open-source nature. The Python Foundation and van Rossum have worked very hard to ensure that all Python updates are available for free to developers all over the world. It also has a very active community of developers and volunteers, who work tirelessly for the growth and betterment of the language. This makes the language the perfect starting point for developers who are new.

2. Extensive Range of Support Libraries: The Python language is extremely versatile mainly because of its extensive range of support libraries, which make it perfect for all kinds of work. By using the NumPy or SciPy libraries, scientific experiments and large-scale data analytics can be carried out. There are specialized libraries that you can use for specific tasks, such as game development and web applications. Similarly, Python is also suitable for the development of a wide range of mobile apps.

3. Availability of Third-Party Modules: Another big reason why Python is so great is the ready availability of TPMs that are free to use for any programmer using the language. If you consult the Python Package Index (PyPI), you will discover that there are thousands of third-party modules that you can use during your app development. These modules make Python capable of interacting with other languages, which is extremely important and applicable in the field of app and web development.

4. Support Libraries for Functions: Python is a wonderful language that also has a stock of powerful functions and standard libraries that you will be able to access. Many of the high level programming tasks have already been included in the libraries, which means that you will be able to simplify the code of your app by a very wide margin. By reducing the length and overall complexity of your code, you will be able to enhance readability as well.

5. Tons of Corporate Support: Even though Python is open source it receives a lot of funding and support from corporate sponsors. It has a ton of well known sponsors such as Facebook, AWS and Google. Google is actually one of the biggest corporate benefactors of the Python community. They have created a supportive and empathetic community of developers who are dedicated to coming up with great products. Your app can benefit greatly if you choose Python as its basis.

6. Secure Environment for Development: A major reason behind choosing Python is the fact that it provides a secure environment for developers to work in. If you choose Python, you can be sure that you are going to have a secure and powerful backend for your app. For backend development, Python is the best as it provides all-round protection against cyber attacks and bugs. If you want a secure and reliable environment for app development, then you should choose Python.

7. High Level of Readability: If you ask programmers why they like Python so much, nine out of ten will say that it is because of its code simplicity and high level of readability. One of the main reasons for this high level of readability is the fact that this language is very explicit. Instead of hidden functions and references, the language is explicit and easy to understand while reading. Python is one of the simplest languages you can learn.

8. Enhances Productivity and Speed of Development: Last but not the least, Python also has a positive effect on the productivity of the developers. It has a very clean framework and a time tested object-oriented design, which makes it very user friendly and easy to use. It also has its own unit testing framework, which will allow you to enhance the speed and productivity of your project team. You can develop a consistent app that is easy to use also.

These are the main reasons why Python is the best language that you can use for your upcoming project in 2021. It is a versatile and powerful language that can be used for a wide variety of app development tasks. It is perfect for software development, app development and a wide variety of other tasks. This is the biggest reason why developers all over the world love this language greatly.

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